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Crafter Irene Covington

Pins for every occasion

By Jessica Messerer-Trosin

Irene Covington’s holiday-themed pins have brought smiles to the faces of many people. Always a fan of crafting, Covington began knitting at age 19, but eventually she grew tired of it.

“I used to knit, knit, knit a lot and I got tired of knitting so I wanted to do something else,” she said.

Based on the design of a wreath pin her aunt had, Covington made her first pin.

When she had six prepared, she took them with her to church on Sunday. They were a hit!

“I showed the girls and they were, ‘ooooo,’ ‘ohhhh,’ ‘ahhhh,’ and I thought ‘ah-ha! I can make some money with those’.”

Covington comes up with all of her own designs which are then traced onto felt, sewn together and then hand-embroidered with beads and sequins.

Covington, now 93, has been making these pins for about 20 years now, and from the beginning has sold them to raise money for the choir at the Kamloops United Church.

“One day I opened my big mouth and said, ‘Can I help?’ and then you’re in with both feet,” she said.

She also helped out with meals and special dinners.

In addition to Christmas pins, Covington has made rabbits, eggs, flowers and butterflies for Easter and pumpkins and “b-o-o” for Halloween.

Selling the pins for $3 each, she has raised a substantial amount for the choir. One year alone, she contributed $1,500.

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Hearts continuing growing with Father Daughter Winter Ball

By Nikki Fredrikson

The bond between a father and his little girl is unlike any other relationship. He’s her rock and she’s his little princess.

During the month of February, the Heart and Stroke Foundation will put on its third annual Father Daughter Winter Ball, an event celebrating this connection.

The Ball was partly inspired by the community of Kamloops’ two Heart Families.

Both Karter and Henry are under four years old and live with heart conditions. Both boys have sisters and according to Lisa Verity of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, it was their connection that partly inspired this event.

The Foundation wanted to do something special that could incorporate both families.

“Just seeing the importance of that family connection and that it was again another opportunity to be able to bring awareness to a demographic we sometimes are not able to reach,” said Verity.

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